Ed Justice - Master of Ceremonies

Ed Justice Jr - Head on - r_0.jpgEd Justice, Jr. returns as co-emcee again for this year’s event. Ed’s introduction to the automobile began at birth, being born into an Indy 500 winning family who were also the first sponsors in NASCAR. He and his family are being inducted this year into the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame and the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame.

As the host of ROAD & TRACK radio, Ed won the Motor Press Guild’s Dean Batchelor Best of the Year award. He is a director for the American Racing Press Association and also appears on MSNBC discussing automotive issues.

Ed is the emcee at many other events which include the Carmel Concours, Concorso Italiano, Legends of Riverside, NAPA Legends of Motorsport and the Desert Classic Concours.

He is also the owner of the Justice Brothers Racing Museum & Private collection in Duarte, California.